Fang  Yuan Mansion Shenyang

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Fang  Yuan Mansion Shenyang
Fang  Yuan Mansion Shenyang
Fang  Yuan Mansion Shenyang



Shenyang, China

Site Area

4,760 m²

Total Floor Area

45,000 m²


B2 - 24F


99.75 m


Iconic Projects, Office


Shenyang Finance & Trade Development Zone


First Prize, Design Competition

The culture of urban life develops slowly to fruition, but its seeds and stimulant must be planted beforehand. The architect is the master planner for the city’s culture and is charged with both molding the city’s image and soul.

Therefore the intention when designing the Fang Yuan Mansion was to elevate the act of construction to molding urban culture. Utilizing the Oriental cultural essence of “Fang Yi Zhi—Yhan Er Shen” to make manifest the city’s soul, applying with the cultural wisdom of “merging the square and circle, Ying Yang creating each other” to the indicate the depth of the city’s culture.