Guilin City Planning Competition

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Guilin City Planning Competition
Guilin City Planning Competition
Guilin City Planning Competition



Guangxi, China


Iconic Projects


Second Prize, International Competition

Great Beauty Without Words 

In Gui Lin, it is said, “mountains are enjoyed by the benevolent and water pleases the sage” and has been renowned locally and abroad for having the “world’s best mountains and water.” Her mountains’ and water’s scenic beauty along with its benevolent and wise city have been the embodiment of its urban scene throughout history. In order to emphasize this uniquely beautiful scenery, the design not only covers the extent of the two rivers and four lakes, but even the Small East River and the majestic Li River have been incorporated into the urban landscape of Gui Lin and its adage of “scenery within the city, and the city containing scenery.”

The planning layout utilizes the ancient site of Wang Cheng as the urban core, laying out two main axes running east to west and south to north respectively. The planning focused on the central city’s water system that rings the city and starts from the Small East River to the east, crosses the Li River to the north and connects to Mu Long Lake, Gui Lake, and Spring Lake; linking up with Tao Hua River to the west, crosses the Li River and an ecological island to the south, and finally reconnects with the Small East River to form a comprehensive water system.