Taipei Train Station Competition

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Taipei Train Station Competition
Taipei Train Station Competition



Taipei, Taiwan


Iconic Projects, Mixed-Use, Cultural & Academic

Through the application of traditional Chinese architectural concepts the station was converted into a cluster of buildings instead of a single structure. In other words, the buildings are arranged using thetraditional courtyard house layout, transforming the project into the ultimate symbol of the new Oriental spirit within the city.

Apart from the Chinese pitched roofs, another design feature was the four dragons that represent the “Dragon” from Chinese mythology. Though modern architecture has abandoned the topic of “symbolism,” it is revived here through the dragon-themed styling. The Dragon had always been a potent symbol, so this symbolism was something we sought to reinforce once more in this design. It imbues this public building with a new level of spiritual meaning, satisfying its need for a city center and giving the city more character.