Xing-Ye Marine Prospect Housing

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Taipei, Taiwan

Site Area

10,074 m²

Total Floor Area

73,232 m²


B3 - 23F


85.4 m




Xingye Construction Co., Ltd

1. Environmental Concerns
Superior residential towers give open space back to the residences, creating an outdoor space in the crowded city.

2. Interlocking Open Spaces
Open spaces are located on the ground floor and also at B1 and the 3rd floor. This vertical garden idea ties the lower 4 floors into an integrated whole. The four residential towers sit atop this base and provide the residences more privacy.

3. The Metaphor of the Flower
This is not just a building; it is a living object like a flower, growing day by day. The natural curves of flowers were used to embody the idea of “flowers in bloom” in the four residential towers.