Capital Plaza International Design Competition

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Taipei, Taiwan


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Capital Plaza International Design Competition
The Trasformation of Space Indicates the Change of History

Colonial architectural emblems from the past are not able to symbolize democracy in Taiwan. The real meaning of democracy lies in the unification of division and balance of legislative and administrative power. How to muster such spirit of democratic space shall be the core issue of the national metropolitan plaza. Thus, on the design of central metropolitan plaza, we adopt “great change of space,” which is a new strategic thinking. It redefines the axis of public opinion as longitude; the axis of new power, latitude. With the cross of longitude and latitude and the harmonization of politics and culture, the new heart of Taiwan is expecting to be shaped.

1st Strategy: The Axis of Space is the Axis of Public Opinion
Establishing a new Legislative Yuan and renovate the Office of the President to a new Library of the Congress. Considering the two buildings as an end point and connecting the Taipei City Hall to create an axis of public opinion, which is defined as the Longitude of the City.

2nd Strategy: Naturalization of the Power Center
The new Office of the President will combine with the original Taipei New Park to form a green and ecological power center, which is defined as the Latitude of the City.

3rd Strategy: Return the History to its Proper Place and Regenerate the Functions of the Buildings
The original Office of the President will be transferred to the Library of Congress; the position of the National Historical Museum will become a chamber receiving foreign visitors; Taipei Guest Hall will be changed into a Native Arts Museum. History will be returned to its proper place and our culture will be revived.

4th Strategy: Grand Pattern and Grand Feng-shui
The new Office of the President faces the sun and river, indicating the prosperity of the country.