Kaohsiung Chang-Ku World Trade Tower

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Kaohsiung, Taiwan

Site Area

4,012 m²

Total Floor Area

83,309 m²


B5 - 50F


221.6 m


Iconic Projects, Office


Chang Ku Construction Inc.


The 4th Excellent Stone Construction Award
Between Heaven and Earth

The client planned to construct a 50-story office building in Kaohsiung. In Taiwan, it is an extremely new process never tried before. But height is not the special feature of this building; the façade and function of the building are the major issues.

The building façade follows the traditional Chinese pagoda in principle, while the bamboo siege type of level division refers to the transition of “time” into “space,” step by step symbolizing ascending development. The pagoda top is in sharp contrast to occidental form, as if an overturned “bowl.” The Chinese have different views about a pagoda top. An occidental tower top is normally shaped like a man holding a sword toward the sky, while a Chinese pagoda top is shaped as if cradling the sky with both hands.

The spatial arrangement of the building is flexible. Setting the elevator core to the west, the main objective is to insert a sky garden between the second and third stage and connect the energy of the entire building. The construction material of the building is, in order to adapt to the hot and rainy climate in Taiwan and the erosion from air pollution, is a full granite curtain wall. Besides serving as a symbol of resistant to the climate, it also increases the service life of the building.