Taipei National University Of The Arts

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Taipei, Taiwan

Site Area

7,965 m²

Total Floor Area

19,518 m²


1F - 3F - 5F


30 m


Iconic Projects, Cultural & Academic


Taipei National University of the Arts


Gold Award, The 15th Taiwan Architect Magazine Award
Integrating elements of traditional Chinese culture into modern civilization that will represent a new style of Chinese art is the most challenging aspect of this project. The spatial arrangement of the Institute adopts Tao Yuan-Ming's poetic ideal of “Vista” and interweaves the concept of “security guarded by natural terrain” into the landscape design. Following the undulating terrain, the twists and turns of the space mimics the sprawl of the mountains and a courtyard is placed within each group of buildings to create spaces that have a leisurely atmosphere. The architecture is designed based on classical motifs supplemented by details and building materials of the modern age to express a fusion of the traditional and the modern. The pitched roofs of traditional Chinese architecture are scattered to develop the sense of “a school and a villa,” which best integrates the man-made landscape into the natural environment.