Venice Biennale 2000 7th International Architectural Exhibition

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Venice, Italy

Total Floor Area

100 m²


Iconic Projects, Cultural & Academic


Venice Biennale 2000 7th International Architectural Exhibition

The Declaration of Original Life City

The 21st century will be the century of grand connection.
In coping with the alienation of man from man and man from nature, we need to launch the Second Renaissance, of which “Life” is the main force. “Life” refers to cosmopolitan equality. It is not the homocentric mentality that “places the self above all matter. Rather, man and matter are parts of an indivisible whole”.

Starting from the Oriental concept of “Yi”, the process of changes, this movement would demolish time and space to extend the domain of life. It also treats cities and any environment of different characteristics in the same manner. Hence, we would return to the whole. Therefore, we pursue the strategy of “city transformation” by way of the “Life Link” and “Life shuttle” to link different cities in the world. In doing so, we would expand the external city in a “Networked city”. At the same time, we would develop a highly sensitive space for the perception of the arts, nature, and spiritual elements for people in response to their dwelling needs, after the urban transformation that would enable them to break their isolation. Through this space, people could reach the truth, and enhance the fundamental dwelling unit for the real convergence of mankind-“Life cube”. By way of “city transformation” and the “Life cube”, people could rapidly migrate in cities host different arts, nature and religions, and to integrate into one dynamic unity. They ultimately could blend in their “inner cities” to satisfy the needs of life in the intermingling of the outer and inner lives. Then, the “life city”, the city where mankind can settle down, is formed.