Xian Hanyangling Museum

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Shanxi, China


Cultural & Academic


Xi'an Administration of Cultural Heritage


First Prize,
Xian Hanyangling Museum International Competition
Starting from the original analysis, the design has tried to create a new urban framework for Xian from the macroscopic view of urban planning. The land artery of ancient Xian—a north to south central axis from Zhong Nan Mountain to the south extending through the core of the Han Yang Mausoleum is used to create a cultural park centered on the Han Yang Mausoleum with a 6km diameter. Thus the city’s future developmental pattern will be based on the concept of “Dragon Pulse and Great Pearl.”

The planning framework is based on the cultural park—“The Great Pearl” in Xian as its backbone. Beginning from the core of the Han Yang Mausoleum, via a 4 km super-scale landscape designed by the Si Ma Dao Site Group, to its end point—Yang Ling Yi.

Based on the spatial composition of “the earth being concealed and heaven being revealed,” the planning of the super-scaled landscape of Yang Ling Zone and Si Ma Dao Site zone is designed. The vertical spatial planning and the component design of the Mausoleum Museum have both adopted this large space design concept.