Zhejiang Xiaobaihua Performing Art Center

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Zhejiang, China

Site Area

18,520 m²

Total Floor Area

24,380 m²


B1 - 5F


22.5 m


Iconic Projects, Cultural & Academic, Recently Completed Project


Zhejiang Xiaobaihua Yueju Troupe

Yueju Opera has a hundred year history in China. Its historical transformation includes: the countryside straw platform stage of the small performance group period, “Shaoxing” performing period, female “Yueju Style” period, and lastly, the “Zhejiang Xiaobaihua” period. Zhejiang Xiaobaihua opera emphasizes the formation of “Heaven, Earth, and Man.” This project, as the art center of Zhejiang Xiaobaihua Opera, strives for the spatial structure based on the three themes of “Restoration, Openness, Urban City” to create a new Art Center.


Restoration expands the beauty of the traditional countryside straw platform stage, as well as a return to traditional culture to express Yueju Opera’s essence, and to provide a new traditional performing stage.


Openness creates a qualitative change and seeks an international interaction. The architectural language in this project contains the “Liang Zhu” emblem, and butterflies symbolizing qualitative changes searching for international dialogue.

Urban City

Urban City represents openness, Eastern Soul Opera, and the aesthetics of the new Eastern cities.